Directive 2010/31/EU

Directive 2010/31/EU

Approved 19 May 2010.

Recast of Directive 2002/91/EC on the energy performance of buildings

Directive 2010/31/EU specified:

  • The requirements of the energy certificates (Article 11, Annex I) of buildings (for example, information that must be included, such as energy consumption values and recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of buildings),
  • The buildings in which energy certificates are mandatory (Article 12), both private and public (Article 13), 
  • The requirements (Article 17) of the certificate issuers (independent, trained and accredited experts), and
  • The establishment of independent control systems (Article 18, Annex II) for ensuring the quality of energy performance certificates.

The existing Energy Perfomance Certification systems in Europan countries has been developed based on this Directive.

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